SunStar Jets in conjunction with it’s management partners offer customized aircraft management under (FAR) Part 91, and (FAR) Part 135 tailored to our clients needs  Whether you currently own a private jet or are looking to acquire one, leave the details to us. With business becoming more and more global and terrorism on the increase, we believe a private jet needs to be private. All our aircraft are operated in a strictly confidential manner and our crews are trained to the highest standards. Accident records show fatal crashes on private jets out number those on airlines because of safety lapses. Having operated in both the private jet and airline worlds at SunStar Jets we are proactive and give our pilots more simulator time than most airlines.

With the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) making it mandatory in March 2019 per (FAR) Part 121 that airline pilots complete upset recovery training in a full flight simulator,  SunStar Jets has been proactive in already introducing upset recovery training not only in a full flight simulator but also in an actual aircraft taught by former NASA astronauts.

Our services include:

  • Aircraft Scheduling
  • Flight Operations
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Flight Monitoring System
  • Engine & Air Frame Program Management
  • FAA / EASA Compliance Services
  • FAA / EASA Approved Drug Screening Program
  • Fatigue Risk Management Program
  • Security
  • Fleet Insurance Discounts
  • Volume Fuel Purchasing
  • Pilot & Crew Services
  • Pilot & Crew Training
  • Aircraft Record Keeping
  • Navigation Charts, Manuals, and Subscriptions
  • Safety Management System (SMS)
  • On Board MedAire & Tempus IC Telemedicine Systems
  • Catering
  • Ground Transportation
  • Hotel Arrangements

All aircraft are maintained in accordance with applicable regulations and the manufacturer’s maintenance programs.


Professional flight crews are assigned to each managed aircraft. The majority of our pilot hiring is done by referral and we like to hire aviators with both airline and private jet backgrounds. A big emphasis is put on pilots personalities and pairing them with the
right owners.

Flight Attendants
In addition to safety our Flight Attendants are also responsible for creating an exceptional, personalized service for our owners and guests. Armed with exquisite culinary skills, poise, and the sophistication that reflects a meticulous work ethic. With a big focus on confidentiality and discretion, our Flight Attendants have the sensitivity it takes to anticipate clients’ needs and the knowledge to satisfy them. All Emergency and First Aid training is done according to the highest level of International Airlines.

All pilots receive classroom and simulator training on the organization’s procedures and policies for each owner. Pilots must complete a simulator proficiency flight check and recurrent classroom training every six months and upset recovery training every two years. Flight Attendants complete recurrent cabin service training each year and all flight personnel receive specific training on how to handle emergency events and aviation security.

All pilot training programs are regularly reviewed and revised to ensure that policies address operational needs while providing the highest level of safety. All scheduled and unscheduled maintenance is performed in accordance with airworthiness regulations. Crew members and maintenance personnel participate in an approved pre-employment screening process, and random drug and alcohol testing program.

Flight Operations
All flight operations are managed from our Operations Control Center (OCC) in Port Orange, Florida. A flight itinerary (airports of departure and arrival, ground handling, estimated flight times, catering, ground transportation, hotels), etc, is sent to the client prior to each flight, which is subsequently tracked from take off to landing.

Accounting Services
All aircraft billings are billed at cost (no mark up), and checked to ensure correct current charges, and to identify each specific flight-related expense. Invoices include a complete breakdown showing each vendor and amount paid, along with a full listing of individual charges by category. At the end of every month (or pre-agreed billing period), your Aircraft Manager will provide you with accurate aircraft management reports, consisting of:

  • An aircraft management report that provides a complete breakdown of the costs (pre-agreed and otherwise) incurred listing of each individual charge by category & sub-category.
  • Monthly aircraft activity reports
  • An advisory note on maintenance works required (off and on schedule)




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